We all have ideas every day but what makes these ideas a business creation?

The aim of this Master Class is to help you move from the idea to the concrete implementation of your project. 

Do you want to learn how to build your project? How to define your objectives and then achieve them? Are you aware of how to create a  business and financial plan ? 

Do you want to develop essential entrepreneurial skills to ensure the start-up of a business? 

If the answer is YES……. This Master Class is for you! 

Start your business now with our training for women entrepreneurs, with qualified experts! 

This Master Class for entrepreneurs is the perfect way to make your passion into your profession! 

For whom ?

It is a journey to support women entrepreneurs who have an idea, a project and who want to structure their business. Whatever the field, this training will equip you at all levels, from your business idea to starting your business. 


The aim of the Master Class is to help you master the main tools of entrepreneurship, from how to define your project to know how to lead a marketing and financial plan. But also, how to build communication and how to take care of oneself. Everything is designed to save you time by avoiding the most common mistakes

Four modules

Which will allow you to learn all aspects and skills you need to develop  your own business project.

We are specialized in make your dream come true..

1 Saturday x month for 4 months from 10am to 5pm Morning: theoretical Afternoon: practical

The aim of this training day is to help you move from the idea to the concrete implementation of your project.

This day of training is dedicated to how to choose your legal status and how to build a business plan. You would carry out a real or simulated business creation process by creating your own business plan.

You will learn to distinguish yourself in communication. The development of a personal branding is followed by an increase in leadership vis-à-vis with your team and customers.

During this day you will discover that ideas are generated that feed into all phases of the process during iterations.

At the end of the Master Class, you will be able to:

Set up a business

Achieve a personal development

Build your personal branding

 Launch your business 

Tuition Fee

Your master’s fees will cover the cost of the Master Class and the lunch Box 

Tuition Fee for all the Master Class  :  595,00 Euro

Tuition Fee for One singule Module : 199,00 Euro 


26 – 3 – 2022

How Many People? 

10 persons for each Module 

Language ?


MODULE 1 : Les premiers pas

26 – 03 – 2022 

10:00 – 12:30 / Lunch Break / 13:30- 17:00 

What are your beliefs? Your values, your needs, your limits?

Knowing yourself to value yourself is not a necessity, it is an obligation. Fulfill yourself to open up fully ! You will learn to know, to listen, to assert yourself as well as to trust yourself. In addition, you will be provided with tolls to better overcome low moments in your journay. It is impossible to define a professional development strategy without being aligned with your identity. This is the sine qua non for any success. 


Bouchra Al Mehraj

a mother, an entrepreneur, a coach with more than 16 years of experience, consultant in companies like: Novartis, STIB, ING, etc.

She is the president of The Urban Woman, a space dedicated to the development of women at all levels. 

The creation of  The Urban Woman came from the desire to offer a space for every woman who wanted to develop professionally  and personally, in order to be the master of her life.


Anne Habets

is an entrepreneur and the founder of “Stress Out”. 

As business manager at 24 years old, I worked in the private sector and later evolved to the nonprofit as Human resource and general managers. I lived and worked in 4 of the 5 continents (USA, Chile, Guinea, Malaysia…).

 After my own burn-out 10 years ago, personal work and ongoing trainings, I founded Stress Out. 

My approach finds its roots in my professional background and my passion for human relations. 

Stress out aims to equip organisations, from managers to collaborators, so they can serenely deal with their stress and promote a fulfilling work environment.

I propose a global, innovative, and multidisciplinary approach (with a team professional from diverse backgrounds) to accompany organisations and people, from stress and burn-out prevention to the return to work after a burn-out.

In 2018, I co-founded the Stress and Burn-out Clinic at CHIREC Lambermont where I work as a psycho emotional coach.

I offer collective and individual counseling. I enjoy sharing my expertise on my YouTube channel with other specialists.

5 years ago, I set up a program called Voyage Intérieur, which in 8 workshops and a team of 6 professionals helps to heal from burn-out on the long term.



MODULE 2 : Établir mon business plan et quel statut choisir

16 – 04 – 2022

10:00 – 12:30 / Lunch Break / 13:30- 17:00

What is the business plan and financial plan that you will implement?

The Business  plan is very important in the whole business creation journey. It has to be comprehensive, achievable, and also connected to reality. But especially oriented to profit growth. Next to that we will talk about how to choose the legal status in relation to the model and objectives of your business project.

If all this means anything to you, this day is the perfect day to make your dreams come true!



Grace Longanga

My name is Grace Longanga, I am a young 30 years old woman, of Congolese origin.

I’ve been a tax lawyer with Van Cutsem Wittamer and partners for almost three years. Before that I worked for two years in Luxembourg in a big oven as a tax advisor.

However, I do not like to be defined by my trade or my degrees.

Apart from all that, I like a lot of things. Above all, I love music, I have been singing since I was very small. And I like to read and travel.

What else is in my heart ? It is women ‘s place in society.  As a result, I try to use my little knowledge and experience to push women to jump in and overcome their fears.

Indeed “there is no limit to what we can accomplish as women”.




Emilie Lubukayi Tshanda

AT THE ORIGIN OF WEE a modern, ambitious and independent woman, open to the world.

Tshanda has extensive experience in the field of finance, notably in audit and risk management, and has already worked for major players such as KBC Asset Management, PwC Luxembourg and Crédit Agricole Groupe. 

In 2017, seeing the lack of opportunities for women in entrepreneurship and wanting to commit to making a difference, Emilie decided to create W.E.E. Consulting, Women Entrepreneurs Excellence, to serve women entrepreneurs and businesses that share these values of inclusion. 

Since 2021, Tshanda has also offered its expertise to Metanesis Groupe in Kinshasa. 

This new collaboration allows her to offer her services in branding, marketing and digital transformation for several companies in the DRC such as Canal +, Smico, Airtel, etc. 

Currently, She counsels  women entrepreneurs and companies by multiplying several caps: strategic & business manager, branding specialist.

Tshanda holds a Master’s degree in Management Engineering from the Catholic University of Leuven with a specialization in Marketing, Brand Management and Corporate Strategy. She also holds a Master’s degree in Entrepreneurship (CPME) from the Catholic University of Louvain. 

She is fluent in English and French.



MODULE 3 : Personal branding et Marketing Digital

14 – 05 – 2022

10:00 – 12:30 / Lunch Break / 13:30- 17:00

Nowadays communication makes the difference between the success or not of a project. This module is designed to help you build your personal brand, the identity of your project! Once your personal brand is structured we can talk about how to communicate it,  plan it and master  it with online tools and platforms. A Day entirely dedicated to the communication on the construction of a personal brand and has the construction of a unique virtual image !


Domiziana Marinelli 

Eclectic and passionate Africopean, Domiziana works in the field of communication and events, with the aim of supporting the causes she believes in: women’s entrepreneurship, the environment and ideas that change the world (for the better).

Convinced that with a clear message we can have a positive and lasting impact on those around us, she is aware that the future we are heading towards is to be built now, together and that it belongs to women! For this, it is important to know the right tools and take the time to explore them, among other things during the trainings offered by The Urban Woman.

With a degree in International Relations, Domiziana has experience in academic research, project management and bidding in the event and communication sector. Today, she collaborates with various companies linked to the European institutions as well as with NGOs and international media.

MODULE 4 : Phase Test et business launch virtual 

18 – 06 – 2022

10:00 – 12:30 / Lunch Break / 13:30- 17:00

Testing is the opportunity to take a product/service out into the world, test it in real life and test it in real time. During this phase, you have the chance to see if you have formulated the problem correctly.





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