Get To Know Each Other – Networking Brunch

We are happy to host and invite you to our networking event!

Get to know each Other Brunches is the networking event for Brussels-based female entrepreneurs at The Urban Woman.

We truly believe that networking has become a crucial factor when you decide to become independent! Networking is the most effective method of developing not just your business or career but also, it is a key component of your personal brand.

Launching your own business is really exciting but it can also be very challenging. Sometimes we might feel lonely, not understood and lost in the developing process… One of the most challenging things is to be recognized and known as an expert provider in your field.

This is why building your network and community while you’re growing your business is very important to achieve the success and the outcome you deserve. Being part of a community of like-minded people can be an essential key to growth, both personally and professionally.

The event “Get to Know Each Other Brunch” was born with this aim : create a strong community and networking! Because we know that it is not only about who you know, it is also about who knows you!

What you will learn :

  • Increase Your Business Presence
  • Tips on : how to create a business plan, communication ect
  • Developing a Networkers Attitude
  • Communication Skills for Networking Success
  • Developing a Conversation
  • Breaking into a Group
  • Creating a Plan

Don’t miss the chance to build a professional reputation and develop a network of connections!

Every Second Saturday of the month!

We can’t wait to meet you! Bring your enthusiasm and integrity!




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